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Updated  27th  Aug  2017


It was a wonderful sunny day, in fact we were grateful for an early start as we knew it was going to be really hot in the afternoon.  By 10.00 myself, Julie & Chas (with a lot of assistance from Karen & Paul) had everything setup and ready to go.  Over the following 3 hours our walkers arrived, completed their task and were gone.  The aim was to complete 20 laps of the 400 mtr track - a total of 8 km's and to be fair most of the walkers completed all 20 - a magnificent achievement.  First to finish all 20 laps was the wonderful Allison Brice - she "power-walked" all 8 km's in one go and her sponsorship form shows a promise of 300.  Two of our participants ran the who thing in one go, the fastest was Harrow Borough's Mark Walmsley who complete the task in 46 minutes - an average lap time of 2 m 18 secs - that is almost up to Mo Farah standard - not far behind was Triona (a friend of Tony Brice, club member Debbie's brother).  I have to say, I was very very impressed especially in that heat.
  Everyone who took part received a certificate recognising their achievement.  It is of course far too early to know what the final income will be, but what I can tell you is that, even before the day started, we had received over 1,000 in money sent in by post. Another 400 was brought in on the day but we will have to go some to match our 2015 walk which raised a total of 4,789. But judging by what people were telling me they have raised, we wont be far short - watch this space to find out what the final figure is.  Regardless of the final amount I am eternally grateful to everyone who took part and on behalf of all the club members, I offer them my sincere thanks.


Above - The top performers- L to R  Allison, Mark & Triona
Below - the supporting spectators! and the Potter family, in the background is Francoise, Kay  & Natalie Killestein and club helper Jackie. Bottom - Anne & Emma and Debbie - all of those named completed all  20 laps


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